January 8, 2017

Low Histamine Shepherd's Pie

Lower your histamine input by eating low-histamine foods and also try to eat gluten-free.  This shepherd's pie is low in histamine and gluten free.  Use very fresh or freshly frozen ground beef to reduce the development of histamine in the meat. 

Make this on the weekend as a special meal and freeze the extras in mason jars to make cute individual meals that are easy to warm during the week.

1 large package ground beef (very fresh)
1 bag organic corn (to avoid GMO)
1 bag peas
5 large potatoes
1 sweet potato 

1/2 cup milk
Sage (a few leaves)

1.  Fry ground beef with sage until meat is no longer pink, then drain fat.
2.  Steam corn and peas.
3.  Peel and boil potatoes.  Then mash with milk.
4.  In casserole, layer ground beef, then corn/pea mixture, then mashed potato.

5.  In four wide-mouth 250 mL mason jars, layer with remaining ingredients.
6.  Bake casserole, covered in 350F oven for 60 minutes.

7.  Add lids to jars and freeze immediately to avoid histamine development.

Thaw jars in hot water, remove lids and microwave to warm.