December 1, 2016

Lights for Laying Hens

Our hens weren't laying for a few weeks and then winter started.  I didn't think we'd get eggs again until spring.

I thought since they'd had a few weeks rest that it would be okay to encourage the hens to lay again.

So, we installed tube style Christmas lights around the coop ceiling and about a week later the hens started laying again.  We leave the lights on 24hours as they draw very little energy. 

Chicken Coop Light

I now have about five eggs a day from my eight laying hens.

It looks like the chickens are at a disco night.  The lights also let me see the chickens when I close the coop at night so I can do a quick head count.

Occasionally a hen will cozy up underneath the coop and I have to scoop her up and put her inside.
Chicken Coop Lights