November 23, 2016

Chicken Coop Poly Panels for Winter

Weather-proofing the chicken coop for Winter in Zone 4

Coop Weather Proofed
We had our first winter snow storm and these panels protected our coop from all the wind and snow.  Now the snow can't blow into the coop or cover the egg laying door.  The hens will also have some clear ground to scratch and peck around on.

We made the side panels so that we can remove them for the nice weather and use them year after year.  The roof will be permanent.

We made the roof supports from supports from an old tent.  I love how there is still lots of light.

Here's a close-up of how the panel is attached and how the corner of the exterior coop is built.  This coop is built to protect the hens from all critters from raccoons to bears.  Our hens are like our pets and we don't want to lose any.

The hens are free ranging all day.  The Red X's walk all over the snow without being bothered, but the Wyandottes don't like the snow.  A couple days ago, I followed the tracks of one hen across the backyard and found her hiding underneath a brush pile.

Scraps for hens.

When we get into the super cold days, I'll open up the coop door but will leave the exterior poly panel door closed to block the wind.

Before it snowed I added a lot of leaves and dried grass under the coop so that I can sprinkle treats and the hens can dig and scratch to find them.

I'm also adding kitchen scraps for composting under the coop so they can dig through that too.  These scraps have jerusalem artichoke peels, crumbled egg shells and squash seeds.  The hens also get a lot of apple cores.