October 8, 2016

Harvest and How to Cook Jerusalem Arthichokes

Jerusalem Artichokes
Peeled Jerusalem Artichokes
I was walking around the vegetable garden this afternoon when I noticed that the soil at the base of the jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes, sun roots) had heaved up into little hills around the stalk of the plants.   I peeled back the cardboard layer and found lots of jerusalem artichokes near the surface.  I wasn't planning on harvesting any sunchokes before the first frost but since there were so many almost exposed to the air, I dug out a few with my fingers.

I dug out more than I intended but I did get all of them that were close to the surface, I was thinking bugs might get to them.  This is my first time cooking sunchokes and I've read that they are similar to potatoes so I thought to give them their best chance at tasting good was to bake them in the oven, as potatoes taste the best this way to me.

So I gave them a wash, broke off some of the nubs and peeled them.  I cut them into small cubes and drizzled on a bit of olive oil and baked with the lid on at 350F for 30 minutes. 

They turned out nice and soft and golden brown.  They look exactly like roasted potatoes.  I tasted one right away and it's texture is very soft and fine and the taste is very light and the same flavor as artichokes hearts.  I put the rest in the fridge, I hope they'll keep well.  It's super cool that these are perennials and I can harvest for years with little care.