September 17, 2016

September on Ann's Weekend Homestead

Our backyard chickens are enjoying their new coop.  Here are our Red X hens, 6 months old, eating layer pellets.  The feeder is hung underneath the coop to prevent rain from coming in.

In the bottom of the photo are two perennial vegetables, on the bottom left are salsify leaves and in the middle is red veined chicory.  I chop up the chicory leaves and steam them with other fresh greens like kale, swiss chard and good king henry and steam them for dinner.

Tomatoes and Self-Seeded Ground Cherries.

Another perennial vegetable is the ground cherry.  These ground cherries are from self-sowed plants grown from last years dropped fruit.  I didn't eat many of these the first year I planted them because the taste was so different than anything else.  But somehow I'm used to the taste now and eat them like berries for a snack.  They have a firm tomato texture and a sort of light citrus flavor.  Their little paper lantern wrappers keep the fruit clean and you can just pop them into your mouth.