September 15, 2016

DIY Large Linen Closet Shelves for Under $200

I needed a huge linen closet.  I had all my blankets, sheets and towels stuffed into our tiny walk in closet off the bedroom.  We didn't have a dedicated linen closet anymore as we stole that space to add to the kitchen.  The walk-in closet did make a great place for our dog to hide in a thuder storm but you sometimes had to climb a mountain to dig out a clean sheet set. 

DIY Large Linen Closet
I looked up linen closets and armoires at all the big box stores and on useditem websites, but it looked like I would have to spend at least $1,000 to get something big enough for a household's worth of towels, sheets and blankets.  Or I could get a mismatched set of used armoires for about $500.  Neither of these options were great.  The first was too expensive, the second not nice to look at.  So we ended up doing some creative design and built a huge linen closet for under $ more

There are 5 levels of shelves, each 18 inches deep, spanning about 15 feet along the wall.  We used tongue and groove pine paneling and some custom brackets to stiffen up and hold the pine boards together.  There is a space between the floor and the bottom shelf to slide three laundry baskets underneath.  This is for laundry that hasn't been sorted and put away yet.

Shelf and Bracket
We added some plastic trim to the leading edge of each shelf so the fabric wouldn't get caught.    The next step is to put up curtains to cover the shelves, but I've gotten used to seeing this in the bedroom.  I called it linen closet art.  Also there's been a side benefit of noise reduction.  All those fabrics dampen the sound considerably.