July 1, 2016

Forgot to Buy Hamburger Buns?

July 1st is Canada Day.  Many families are planning gatherings with friends and family with a bbq and fireworks.  And what do you do if you forgot to buy hamburger buns?  Improvise and make your own buns in seconds!

How to make hamburger buns:

Step 1:  Find a glass that has about the same size opening as the diameter of a hamburger bun.
Step 2:  Take out two slices of bread and place on a cutting board.
Step 3:  Turn the glass upside down and press into one slice of bread, twisting down on the glass until the glass pushes through the bread and touches the cutting board.
Step 4:  Pull out round piece of bread from top of glass.  Repeat to make the other side of the bun.

This is also a great way to avoid throwing out hamburger buns that have been frozen so long they have terrible freezer burn.