July 3, 2016

Eastern Ontario Homestead Wildflowers

There are lots of lovely wildflowers and perennials growing on the homestead at the beginning of July.  I've haven't done anything to help these beauties along except protect them by not mowing the lawn.

Over the past three years, I've been protecting a small area of milkweed, and the amount of plants has grown significantly.  These are growing just outside the vegetable garden area.  I'm located in Eastern Ontario and I've never seen any monarchs on the milkweed itself but we have seen a couple monarchs fluttering around the backyard.  I will continue protecting them, despite the neighbors offer to mow my lawn.

Here is chicory plant, a pretty daisy like blue flower on long strong stems.  This one is growing beside my garden in the front yard.  This is the third year that this wildflower has popped up in the same place.  I always find this wildflower hard to recognize until the flowers bloom.  Good thing I kept the weed wacker away.
Black-eyed susans growing amongst the raspberry bushes.  I left one to grown last year and this summer I have about 4 plants growing in the same area.  They seem to be choking out the grass from growing around the raspberries.  That's a good thing.