June 5, 2016

No Dig, Heirloom Vegetable Garden Planted

No Till Gardens with Rabbit Fence

No Dig or Till Vegetable Garden with Heirloom Seedlings

I have been planting seedlings and direct sowing seeds in the garden during the last two weeks.  I'm now pretty much done.  There's some plants not quite ready to go into the garden.  The sweet potato slips aren't quite ready and the perennial vegetables (Sea kale and Rocket) aren't big enough yet.  I have planted tomato, cucumber, melon, broccoli, lovage, basil and celery seedlings.  I have planted green beans, wax beans, snow peas, snap peas, corn, turnip, parsnip and carrot seeds. I've planted sunchoke tubers and potato.

We also decided to put up a fence to keep rabbits and any stray dogs out.  In the middle of the photo, you can see a birdbath.  We've had very little rain that I decided to put the bird bath in the middle of the garden so that it fills with fresh water when I turn the sprinkler on.  We have a birds nest beside the garden in the wood rack and now they have a water source for those super dry days.

Just after raining all morning.

The upper right side of the photo is the original vegetable garden and the lower left side is the new garden.  The new garden was all grass early this spring.  I transformed the lawn and made a no-till lasagna garden.  I covered the entire area with cardboard and then made garden beds with layers of dead grass clippings, last years leaves and composted wood chips. I added strips of topsoil where I planted the seeds and seedling.  In the old garden I've spread out paper leaf bags to mark walking paths which I've secured with firewood and bricks.