April 5, 2016

Homestead in Spring

Newspaper Pots
Seed Starting with Recycled Material Pots
I've been doing a lot of planning throughout March for the homestead garden and now it's finally come time to start doing some activities.

The last few mornings it's only been -10 degrees Celsius but it warms up a bit during the day especially if it's sunny outside.  Here's what the family has been doing on the homestead at the start of spring.

We are starting the seeds that need to be started 8 weeks before the last frost.  We planted two kinds of tomatoes, lovage and african marigold so far.  We used as many containers as we could from our recycling and made some containers from newspaper.  We filled two large tote lids and placed these in high up places so that the cat can't get into them.  Once the seeds germinate I'll start moving them into the sunroom.

Sheet Mulching Expands
Vegetable Garden
without Tilling
I'm expanding the garden again this year.  The snow has finally all melted so we were able to lay down a first layer of cardboard.  This layer of cardboard will kill any grass before it starts growing and provide food for the worms.  The next layer will either be leaves or hay which I'm planning to get put down this coming weekend. I weighed down all the sheets with firewood so they wouldn't blow away.