March 20, 2016

How to Build a Very Strong Wood Rack

Build Four Cord Fire Wood Rack
Four Cord Woodrack

How to Build a Four Cord Fire Wood Rack

We added a woodstove to the homestead last year.  We installed the woodstove in the basement, added the chimney and had it inspected.  By the time that was done we were out of time and money to build a woodrack.  So we stacked the firewood on the paved driveway the first year.  We used a kids wagon to bring the firewood to the porch, through the front entrance and down the stairs to the farthest corner of the basement.  That was a huge pain.  That was a lot of work.  So last fall we invested in a woodrack.

We located the woodrack close to a downstairs window and hooked up a large diameter sono tube to the unfinished ceiling which leads to a large tote bin.  We open up the window and throw the wood down the sono tube chute where it lands right beside the woodstove.  Then we stack a couple days worth in a small rack beside the stove.

The rack is built very strong, sturdy.  It is supported with 8 pylex anchors.  It holds a lot of weight, about 4 full cords, and has not shifted.  The anchors were difficult to screw into the ground.  Very difficult to get them vertical and levelled with each other.  But in the end, we still think it was the best way to go.