October 1, 2015

Queen of the Roost

Shelley at 9 months old in the nesting box.
She's the Queen of the Roost.

Our three hens are making good progress.  That is two of the three hens are now laying eggs.  And about once a week the leader of the hens has double yolkers. 

Shelley has always been at the top of the pecking order and was the first to lay eggs starting around 8 months old near the end of our winter.  And now a second hen is laying too.  It was so awesome to check the nesting boxes and find two eggs one morning.  It's amazing how something so simple made me so happy and proud. 

The rest of the gang, Luna and Clover.  Notice these Wyandottes
don't have combs.  These are apparently closer to what the
 breed should look like.

The girls are still living in their little chicken coop in the sun room but hubby is working on building a predator proof chicken cage to slide this purchased coop into.  The other night we left the sunroom door open and my husband got up in the night to let the puppy out and he switched on the light to find a hugemungus racoon sitting in the corner beside the coop.  So we are building a fortress for these girls as our backyard backs onto woods and we've even had a baby bear wander into our yard a couple years ago.  I'll post pictures of the coop within a coop once completed.