February 1, 2016


You can start homesteading this weekend!  Head outside into your yard and walk around and start to visualize where you could place a vegetable garden, where you could build a chicken coop and where the chickens could free range.  Also, look for a spot to start a compost pile and capture rain water in a barrel.  If you live in a cold climate, picture where you could install a chimney for a wood stove and a large wood rack.  Think about picking your favorite vegetables from your own backyard garden this summer and collecting fresh eggs from your hens and this winter you could cozy up in front of the wood stove.  Now come inside and put it all down on paper.

Planning where to put everything and what to plant is very absorbing.  Here's some quick tips for your planning.  1)  Place the vegetable garden where it can get the most sun during the summer months.  Vegetables just don't like too much shade.  Make a no-dig garden by laying flattened cardboard on the ground to kill the grass and start building the garden on top.  This way you avoid rototilling and digging and it don't disturb all those useful worms underneath.  2)  Build the chicken coop so that it is predator proof.  Hens quickly become pets and if your coop is predator proof you don't have to lay awake at night worrying about raccoons getting your hen.  Also locate the coop close to your back door for easy egg collecting in all sorts of weather.

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