August 1, 2015

Don't Mow Your Lawn and Support Nature

No Mow Lawn
I leave a wide strip of unmowed
lawn in the front yard.
I've been living in a country subdivision for the past 10 years.  We all have 2 acre lots and they are mostly lawns.   I hear the sound of lawn mowers all summer. Between all the neighbors mowing, I can't hear the birds most of the weekend.  The ride-on lawnmowers are so loud.

I want to see the wildflowers and encourage the bees and butterflies to visit.  I saved a lot of milkweed plants for the monarch butterflies.  However I didn't see any monarchs this year.

Why do people burn gasoline in their mowers for hours on end?
Wildflowers growing on the unmowed lawn.

Mowing by-laws

Since I live in a residential community I do have to follow some by-laws.  The by-law related to mowing the lawn states that the ditch must be mowed.  I mow our ditch about once a month and this is actually a lot to mow across the whole front of our property.

I also like to have some walking room around the gardens and a path around the house to keep the critters away.  I mow a small patch in the backyard too so the kids can access the play structure and the camper trailer and badminton.  I spend about 2 hours mowing a month.  This still seems high to me but if my neighbors could also cut down their weekly mowing of 2 acres, as a community we could make a real difference.

It still seems that the majority think a mowed lawn is necessary.  Only a couple of weeks ago, a neighbor with a ride-on lawn mower came to visit and offered to mow my front lawn for me.  I replied that it is my meadow and I was purposefully not mowing it.

When I come out the front door of my house and look at the front yard, I see humming birds, bees, crickets, frogs, birds nests and bright pretty flowers.