July 12, 2015

Vegetable Gardening Progress - Early Summer

I posted recently about the three different types of garden beds that I have on the homestead.  All the vegetables have grown quite a bit in the last two weeks.

The raised bed garden, with rotting wood as the inside base, is doing well, especially the tomatoes.  These tomato plants have the largest green tomatoes of all my tomato plants.
Ground cherries.  Note the green paper lantern shapes, each will have a little round fruit inside.
The ground cherries are also doing well, with several lantern shaped pods on each plant.
The ever-bearing strawberries are onto their second set of blooms of the season.  The broccoli is still small and the leaves have been eaten by some insect.

The front garden, no dig style with hay, is doing half well.  What I mean by 'half-well' is that one end of the garden is growing very well and the other is stunted and has been eaten at least once by a bunny.  One half, I have two large healthy broccoli plants and leafy beets, lots of sage and dill.  On the other half are nibbled down stalks of beets, small romaine lettuce leaves and the kale results vary.  Funny how the bunny went for the beet leaves and left the romaine lettuce.

My largest garden, which was tilled last year but not this year, also has mixed results.  A bunny has eaten down the pea vines at least twice and bugs have eaten the broccoli so that only the leaf veins remain.  However in other parts of the garden, the tomato plants are growing great, lots of flowers on some, all healthy looking.  About one quarter or less of the carrot seeds grew, but those who have made it are looking strong and healthy.  My beans are climbing my chain link fence nicely and the cucumbers are starting to grow vines.
I'm hoping I can get the cucumbers growing up the fence too.  Also, we've had one small artichoke already.  This has grown on a 2 year old artichoke plant.  And we have two more artichokes growing off the main stem and possible a couple more at the base of a couple of the leaves half way down the main stalk.  Also the asparagus that I planted from roots has grown these soft ferny leaves and it looks like maybe next year I might have some real asparagus.  Also the potatoes are growing great.  I just started letting the chickens into this garden as I think the plants are sturdy enough to survive their scratching.  I need them to do some pest control.

Please share your garden stories too:)