June 21, 2015

Best Type of Vegetable Garden Bed? No Dig, Lasagna or Hugel

This year I have planted vegetables in three different types of garden beds.  Two gardens are new to my homestead.  Even though we're only a month into the growing season there is a definite difference between the gardens in terms of plant growth and plant healthiness.

First Garden Method: Rototill then no till

My first garden bed I made last year, so this is it's second season.  This bed performed very well for me last year.


To make the garden we rented a rototiller and tilled up a big rectangle of sod.  The location was chosen only because it was the only spot in the backyard that was flat, ie. not on the septic bed.  I had bought one of those little soil testing kits and ended up mixing in some bone meal.  We add a few bags of topsoil and bags of compost.  It took forever to clear out the clumps of sod.

June 4, 2015

Wild plants and animals in Lanark on my Homestead

There's lots of spring activity on the homestead.  I was trimming some bushes along the front of the house because I saw some wild blackberry brambles growing  and I'd rather have berries growing than landscape bushes.  Unfortunately I uncovered a birds next with tiny tiny birds in it.  So I put back all the branches I cut off and luckily momma bird returned and kept returning, thank goodness.

I'm starting to get interested in learning about mushrooms.  But of course I assume that they are all poisonous.  These are two kinds of mushrooms that I found on our property.  I have no idea what kind they are.  If anyone knows, please send me a comment.
I'm going to keep my eyes open looking for mushrooms in nature this year to see if i can recognize any.