May 25, 2015

Spring Beginning for Vegetable Gardens in Ontario

Artichoke, 2nd year in zone 4.  Three others
didn't make it through the winter.
Here's an end of May update on the vegetable gardens so far.  I'm located in Ontario and it's been a topsy turvy start to spring planting.

In early May we had a couple of weeks of much warmer than seasonal temperatures and it looked like the risk of frost was gone.  Being the eager gardener and not always wise and patient, I went ahead and planted all my seedlings on the Victoria Day weekend.  All was good for a few days and then wham one cold night was predicted.

May 3, 2015

No Dig Vegetable Garden, Seedlings and a Naughty Kitten

I've been busy preparing gardens and seedlings the last week or two.  Spring has finally sprung in the Ottawa area and it's predicting to stay in the low to mid-twenties (Celsius) and lows around ten for the next two weeks.  Makes me wonder if the last chance of frost is over this early.  Normally I wouldn't dream of planting seeds until at least the third week in May.  Also it's been much drier than usual, which is good because our property has a lot of low lying land.  So this past weekend I wrapped up establishing another vegetable garden on the homestead.  This is a no-dig, no rototiller garden and I made the garden itself for less than $20, which is pretty much impossible in my experience.