April 5, 2015

Seeding Heritage Vegetable Seeds - No More GMO

This year I'm planting a heritage vegetable garden.  Last year was the year of my first garden bed and I bought seeds at the local garden center.  But this year my family is getting more sensitive to allergies, we're thinking GMO is not good for us, so I thought I'd go way way back to the basics.  Most of the seeds I purchased on-line and are from the 1800's or early 1900's, https://www.heritageharvestseed.com/.

Seed starting March 29,2015.
 With sustainability in mind, we've looked around the house and the recycling bin and found enough containers to plant the tomato seeds.  For our area (near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) from my experience you don't want to plant in the garden until the very end of May or beginning of June.  Before then, the ground is too damp and cold and the seeds get eaten by little worms before they start growing.

Pots on dining room table.
Tomato sprouting.
 Here's the tomato seeds sprouting just one week after planting.  I've kept them for most of the week indoors on our dining room table and they've spend two days out in the sunroom once the sun starts warming the room up.  It looks like in about a week the temperatures will stop dropping below 0 degrees Celsius at night and then I can keep the seeds in the sunroom.