February 8, 2015

Kitten and Puppy friends

Every country home needs a dog and a cat.

Our beloved Bichon Frise passed away a few months ago, she lived to 14 years. We got her before the kids, she was our first baby. We thought we wouldn't get another dog, but it didn't take long before we couldn't wait to get another dog or kitten.

I think it is really great for kids to have pets to cuddle and take care of and bond with. I also was missing a furry body to cuddle with on the couch and keep me company when working from home.

The challenge was allergies. My daughter and I are allergic to cats so we decided we could either get a Siberian cat or another dog. I read up a lot about Siberian cats and found a couple of good breeders near us and was very close to putting down a deposit. But my husband and I were not sure if maybe a dog would be better, more interactive and we could take the dog on hikes which we take a lot. So thinking there would be less allergies with a dog we opted to look for a dog.

We ended up getting a mini Australian Shepherd. He's so sweet. The breeder said he'd get up to around 35-40lbs and we got to see the mom and the dad and I thought they were both a good size for what we were looking for. I wanted a dog that was not too small so that my son could wrestle with him a bit and yet not huge either.

Here's our sweet Teddy with his naughty sheep.

At first my daughter did have some allergies to Teddy but in a couple days she seemed used to him and we haven't had an more allergies to him.

Now thinking ahead we were concerned about him when we have to be out for the day and we really thought he should have a companion and since I really still wanted a cat we started searching again for a hypoallergenic cat. The thing was we wanted the kitten quickly so that the puppy would get used to having a kitten right away so that they would become best friends. The Siberians that we wanted all had a waiting list of at least 3 months, not to mentioned they wanted like $1200 for a kitten. We cruised around the on-line adds and didn't find anything suitable, we also looked at Russian Blues as some say they are hypoallergenic, but no luck. We visited the local shelter and visited a kitten but he was too wild and we didn't think it would be a good fit for the family. Then we did the unthinkable and started looking for a kitten at pet stores. And we really lucked out here! We visited a local pet store and they had two persian mix kittens. We decided to throw caution to the wind and hope we'd get used to a cat in a few weeks even if we were initially allergic. We held both kitties and the boy kitty was definitely very aware and interactive and we brought him home! So super cute.

Here is Opus:

Introducing Opus.
More to come on Teddy's and Opus's budding friendship....