March 22, 2015

Homestead Plans for 2015

Two new additions to the
homestead.  Opus and
Teddy bonding.  
I always have ideas running around in my mind for homesteading. There is a lot that I want to do, and we only have the weekends to get the big stuff done.

I started writing down a list of the things we accomplished last year and we actually accomplished a ton more than I had realized.  Here's a list of six key things we did to start weekend homesteading in 2014.



 Plans for 2015, our second year of Homesteading: 

I have lots of ideas and  I am just waiting for some warmer weather to start making them happen.  We still have at least a foot of snow on the ground.

1.  Make wooden shutters for the front of the house to give a more country feel.  Will need to buy wood and have hubby do some cutting and then the kids and I will do the painting and hang them up.

Will add more soon, off to do groceries....

2.  Build chicken tractor using existing supplies.  I'm planning to use the coop I bought for their temporary winter home and setting it on top of our old dog crate and adding wheels.  I've already spent so much on getting the hens set up (buying the food bowl, heated water bowl, chicken coop, bedding and laying mash) that I'd like to minimize any further costs for the hens.

3.  Intensify vegetable garden planting and grow heritage vegetables. I've ordered heritage seeds and I plan on growing more vegetables vertically to save space.

4.  Start composting.  I've recently started making a big pile of chicken poop, wood chips and kitchen scraps.  I want to keep this up throughout the summer.  We'll see how it goes with the racoons.

5.  Build dog run.  Looked into wireless collars, fences etc, but going to dry an ariel dog run first.  Our Australian Shepherd needs lots of exercise to stay out of trouble inside.

6.  Continue home baking, canning and making double batch meals.